Helping You See Clearer In Minnesota

The challenges of low vision have far reaching implications. When you suffer from blurred vision or partial blindness, you may feel frustrated at even the little things like reading the newspaper, checking the time or paying bills. Often times there is an increase in the loss of independence. People are impacted socially, physical and mentally by difficulties brought on by low vision.  But you dont have to feel that way. We provide support and products that are game changers for those impacted by low vision in the Minnesota area. Let us help!

We’re Here For You

We understand that every patient is different, so we customize the right solution to fit you. You’ll find a team that will work to find exactly what your low vision needs are and how to meet them. And we make sure that you’re comfortable with the equipment that you walk away with.

Products That Excel

We carry the top of the line low vision equipment, products by Enhanced Vision The latest in low vision technology, these products include desktop video magnifiers, hand held magnifiers, computer integration of video magnifiers and the newest HD/OCR CCTV’s. And our knowledgeable staff will walk you through each of these products and demonstrate how they enrich your life through sight.

Individualized Service

We are dedicated to offering all of our customers the best care and experience they could ask for. We strive to exceed expectations by taking each of their needs into consideration and evaluating each unique situation. Well help you understand each of the products and let you “test drive” them as well.